AV Plays…Kode9 – A Virus to be Loved (2002)

It would be nearly impossible to have an in-depth conversation about early UK Garage/ Dubstep scene without mentioning Kode9…aka Steve Goodman! One of the central figures of the ever evolving 2-step realms, Goodman is more than just a veteran DJ/ Producer. He has been an academic for years, and also authored a MIT published book exploring theories of effects of music, sound technology and its uses in modern warfare. And it doesn’t end here; Goodman is also the head of Hyperdub, a web magazine turned iconic label, which has featured releases from groundbreaking artists such as Burial, Flying Lotus, Mark Pritchard among others for nearly a decade.


For this #ThrowbackThursday, we decided to go back to one of his mixes from 2002, taken from the treasure trove that is his soundcloud. Interestingly this one is titled ‘A Virus to be Loved’ which starts to make sense when you realize that Goodman once described his music as a virus. Here’s an eloquent description that he gave in a RA interview in 2010.

 “It’s a way of dramatizing the affect of music, i.e. to be infected by music instead of just being affected by it, to be possessed by it, taken over by it, obsessed or transported into another world, made to feel energized or uneasy.”

Oh, we love Kode9!

Now enjoy this vintage garage mix by him and make sure to download it!


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